Q. What are the amount of calories per packet?

A. 110 calories.

Q. How long is the “best by date”?

A. Approximately 18 months from purchase date.

Q. How much caffeine is in a serving?

A. 98mg which is the average amount in a cup of coffee.
Regular hot chocolate has 4 to 6mg of caffeine (source: USDA).

Q. Does Cogo have aspartame or NutraSweet in it?

A. Cogo is free of all artificial sweeteners.

Q. Can I purchase Cogo at “brick and mortar” stores?

A. Cogo is only sold at e-commerce stores.

Q. What are the nutrition facts?

A. Click the “Buy” tab and then click either the picture of the carton or the envelope. Click the thumbnail picture of the back side of an envelope. Click on it again and it enlarges even more.

Q. Does Cogo have corn syrup or soy ingredients?

A. Cogo does not contain any high fructose corn syrup. The corn syrup
solids in Cogo have zero fructose. Cogo is soy free.