*First, we appreciate all of our devoted customer and wanted to thank you for being with us as we continue to grow! 

*Second, we have held off as long as we could! Effective 11-11-22 we have increased our prices to remain sustainable during these encomic impacts and strive to serve our devoted customers!

Imagine a premium hot chocolate filled with rich cocoa flavor and each cup providing the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee…that is COGO! 

Regular hot chocolate is practically caffeine free. The major brands state on their packages they are 99.9% caffeine free. That may be fine at times but not so much when you desire a fresh start.

COGO offers coffee and tea drinkers an additional choice for an energizing drink that's enjoyable year ‘round. Those who may not care for coffee or tea, but do enjoy a caffeine pick-me-up, will find COGO  hot  chocolate delicious and invigorating.

COGO is a comforting way to begin your day, pick you up in the afternoon or help you through a late night. 

Keep some handy at home, at work or wherever you may be and you’ll be good to go!

Start Fresh with COGO

COGO is a richer, creamier hot chocolate made with premium cocoa, wholesome nonfat dairy milk and zero artificial sweeteners.

A carton of Cogo has 50 single serve packages. An 8 package trial size order is also available.

The savings add up quickly when ordering multiple cartons. If family or friends order COGO take advantage of the savings by ordering together.

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